What is it about quotes that make them so powerful, and widely loved around the world? Maybe because they are small messages from the heart, that give us peace of mind. Powerful, touching quotes can give you just that little push in the right direction, comfort you in hard times and even have the ability to inspire you and create new horizons.

We have always been inspired by quotes, and we love to live and work with them everyday. And if they inspire us in this way, they probably do the same for many people around the world. This is what gave us the idea to make a collection of quotes, so that we can be surrounded by them in everything that we do. That’s why we created this series of books and cards. So you get to inspire yourself whenever you need it, and you can give the gift of inspiration to others. Share these beautiful quotes with everyone who needs a little push, or words of comfort, encouragement or inspiration.

We selected these quotes with love, for you.

Our Story

Heleen & Annemarie

Heleen Dura - van Oord is an entrepreneur and investor in the digital industry. She co-founded global digital marketing company DQ&A Media group and is partner at Peak Capital and Future Food Fund. She was appointed Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the year 2013.

Annemarie Macnack - van Gaal is an entrepreneur, investor, author and tv presenter. In 1991 she started her entrepreneurial career in Russia, where she founded independent Media, which became the largest independent media company of Russia.

Our Story